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  • cooking class Pasta al pistacchio
  • cooking class Pasta al pistacchio
  • cooking class Pasta al pistacchio
  • cooking class Pasta al pistacchio
  • cooking class Pasta al pistacchio


PistacchioIn the heart of Sicily, beneath the majestic shadow of the Etna volcano, you will find the picturesque town of Bronte. This enchanting place is globally renowned as the home of Bronte Pistachios, a green treasure amidst the roiling volcanic landscape. Their intense flavor and unparalleled quality are the result of centuries of agricultural tradition, careful cultivation, and a deep love for the land.

Bronte Pistachios are an exceptional product and are considered among the finest pistachios in the world. These precious fruits grow on the fertile slopes of Mount Etna, where the volcanic soil imparts a unique and intense flavor to the pistachios. Each green shell holds the secret of a millennia-old history, passed down from generation to generation.

Our Bronte Pistachios symbolize passion, dedication, and authenticity and will be the main ingredient in our culinary experience.


Kochkurs Pasta al pistacchioImmerse yourself in the enchantment of “Pistachio Pasta” with our cooking class. This dish is a celebration of local culinary tradition, a harmonious blend of pistachio’s sweetness and the richness of Mount Etna’s raw ingredients. We will share with you the secret techniques to prepare this delicacy, bringing forth the genuine flavor of our land. It will be an engaging and interactive experience that will make you feel like a part of Bronte’s history and culture.

In our cooking class, you will be surrounded by a warm and authentic atmosphere. You will be guided step by step in the preparation of Pistachio Pasta, revealing the secrets of this traditional recipe, accompanied by an excellent bottle of wine.

Mount Etna, Bronte, and pistachios form a trinity of beauty, history, and taste that meld in our “Pistachio Pasta” cooking class. This experience is more than a mere cooking lesson; it is a journey through the ages, a celebration of nature and authentic flavor.

At the end of the lesson, you can enjoy lunch or dinner with the delicious dishes you’ve prepared and a fine bottle of Etna wine.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your spot for the “Cooking Class: Pistachio Pasta” now and join us to uncover the secret of this extraordinary combination and take home a piece of Bronte, Mount Etna, and pistachios, all within a delightful dish.

Prepare to dive into a unique tradition and create indelible memories. Book now and get ready to relish the flavor of an extraordinary culinary experience.

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The offer includes:

  • a pleasant and fun cooking class on the perfect preparation of Bronte DOP Pistachio pasta for both experts and beginners
  • Kitchen apron and hat
  • Lunch or dinner with the prepared delights
  • A great bottle of Etna wine.

The experience is offered in English. For other languages, please contact

Transportation and transfers not included.

Important: the experience is for entertainment purposes only and does not represent a professional course. The certificate is a reminder of participation and can not in any way replace an official certification.


WHERE: Sicily – Bronte
The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

WHEN: on request

TIME: on request – about 2,5 hours

The experience is offered for up to 18 people.

For special needs or food intolerances, please contact

The images are examples of the proposed activity.

The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

Prices include VAT.

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