Our Philosophy


“The only rule of travel is: don’t come back the way you went. Come back changed.” (Anne Carson)


“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.” (Aldous Huxley)

ANYWAYS is an online platform for travelers and curious people.
It is about activities and experiences that appeal to the 5 senses. We combine Italy’s excellences, culture and art, tradition and food, fantastic landscapes and artists, and offer all Italy lovers, tourists and Italians alike, a varied selection of tours that awaken our senses.

We focus on cities far away from mass tourism, markets in small villages, craftsmanship and local personalities. Together we will discover interesting corners, signature dishes, special products and craftsmanship. These hidden gems stand for an innovative and exquisite Italy. This is the reason why we aim to make our tours an enriching experience.

The offer is completed by photographic and artistic activities, show cooking, nature trails, art and craft workshops, team building activities and a comprehensive immersion in the world of craftsmanship, also as a protagonist.

Because you can learn, and you should do so, at any age. As every new experience, every input from the world and from life can result in deep emotions and let us come back home different from when we left.

By focusing on a certain meaning from time to time, we can rediscover details and emotions that we sometimes take for granted.

Based on our five senses, our tours are divided into the following categories:


Because seeing is not only seeing, but also watching, looking, taking in the moment, and empathizing. It is about dwelling on what and how (to see), sometimes behind a lens, sometimes only with our eyes, or even about reinterpretation of the meaning of the beauty of this sense.


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To smell, to feel, with all our senses. To perceive the world with all we are.


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Umbria Oak tree


To be active, to be good at handcrafting. To be amazed about how much and what our hands can do together with those of artists and artisans.


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To enjoy well-known flavors, but also completely new ones. To discover local production and cook Italian with us.


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To hear, to pay attention, to pick up the sounds of typical instruments.
To listen. To do it with greater awareness. Because traditions also pass through music.


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Because the little things are sometimes the special ones.


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Picnic in Zambrone


Birthday Prosecco

The most successful events are those designed ad hoc for a particular occasion, for a special person, or a successful team.
This is why all anyways.experiences can be customized according to your needs.

Would you like it even easier? Let us organize your event!


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bottegaClose your eyes and imagine you are in Italy.
You are in a characteristic village, walking through the alleys and gaining insights into the historical center.
Around you, there are people chatting about this and that while they are having an aperitif at the bar or sipping their coffee.

You look around and see a hidden store, small but nice.
You look at the products on the shelves and understand that that’s where the essence of Italy lies, within these four walls.
Right there, in this very store: the “Bottega“.

This essence of Italy is also contained in our ANYWAYS.EXPERIENCES.
What other place, if not the Bottega, could offer gastronomic and artisan products that can be tasted and enjoyed during our experiences?

Our store is virtual. You can only imagine the scents of the room and the shelves.
But the charm of the story behind each product remains.
Here, in our virtual Bottega, Antonella & Lisa are waiting for you to wish you “Buongiorno“.


Let´s start ! ANYWAYS!

In a world that is turning faster and faster, where everyday life distracts from simple things, our goal is to rediscover the beauty and value of small things, from the most precious we have: our senses.

What about You? What sense do You choose today?

Let´s start ! ANYWAYS!



The name ANYWAYS expresses all nuances that characterize our project in one single concept. And it is a pun:

anyway, an English adverb that also means however, as well, nonetheless, in any case;

any, also means a bit of,  anything, anyone, respectively;

way(s), also means direction, alley, street, path, route, style.

ANYWAYS is a way to lose ourselves in the streets, in the alleys, step by step.

It is a route, real and tangible, to immerse ourselves in the surrounding world.

It is an inner path, a personal journey. To learn new things, broaden our horizons, get more impulses from the world we live in and we sometimes do not know enough about.

It is a direction, to get involved in learning something new: any word, any technique, any ancient tradition, any unknown taste leads us to meet new people, new places without ever stopping.

Therefore, ANYWAYS will also become a community, a way to use modern technology without making the mistake of sitting isolated in front of a screen.

It is a platform to share interests and make discoveries as well as communicate and interact with each other.

WE all are ANYWAYS. And what’s even more important, YOU are  ANYWAYS !