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  • Il frutto di Bergamotto
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The bergamot from CalabriaBergamotto

The bergamot from Calabria is the Queen of citrus fruits. Thanks to its extraordinary beneficial properties, it is known and appreciated all over the world.

The cultivation is limited to Reggio Calabria. 90% of the world production of bergamots is cultivated on this narrow strip of land on the Ionian coast of Calabria.

Its benefits are diverse and it is extremely healthy. For example, it is good for the heart and prevents cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, arteriosclerosis and heart failure.

It is a natural remedy with disinfecting, antiviral and antioxidant properties, and eliminates abdominal swelling and bad breath. Moreover, it is used as an adjuvant in cystitis and can be used for acne, psoriasis and vitiligo.

The essence of the bergamot also has beneficial effects when it comes to treating anxiety and can be used as antidepressant. In the kitchen, it is often used as an aroma for candies, candied fruit, “torroni” (nougat), ice cream, liqueurs and soft drinks.

In addition, the bergamot is one of the most commonly used essences in the perfume industry for its fresh and floral aroma: Dior Sauvage by Dior, for example, was named Perfume of the Year in 2019 thanks to the essence of bergamot.

The experience in Brancaleone

In Brancaleone, on a farm of 4500 square meters, you will discover the world of bergamots. Brancaleone is a small and picturesque village. It is one of the most beautiful and lively beach resorts along the entire coastline.

Until a few decades ago, it was known as the “City of Jasmine”. In fact, the first jasmine plants were imported in Brancaleone in 1927. Visiting the old town is a must and you should definitely take a tour of the abandoned houses with picturesque views.

Another undeniable asset of this country is the incredibly clear and blue sea with a fine, golden sandy beach which is suitable for heliotherapy and sandblasting. In addition, the extraordinary climate attracts thousands of tourists every year from all over Italy and abroad.

The center of the new town is Brancaleone Marina, today also known as the “City of Turtles”. Don’t miss The Rescue Center of Marine Turtles!

The bergamot tour

During this experience, you will see what characterizes the cultivation of bergamots.

The farm is located in the heart of the Locride and has 5 hectares of bergamot fields as well as facilities for extracting, bottling, refrigerating and storing the bergamots. During this tour, you will learn about the different production processes for extracting essential oils and processing the juice.

Thanks to this experience, you immerse yourself in the heart of Calabria, with its typical products and crops. You will learn the secrets of this citrus fruit and the history that characterizes it, the way in which it has influenced and shaped this strip of land, as well as its good characteristics and benefits.

A tasting of typical bergamot products completes the experience.


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The offer includes:

  • Guided tour and explanation of the production process
  • Small tasting of the products
  • A jar of bergamot jam as souvenir

The experience is offered in English. For other languages please contact

Transportation and transfers not included.

Extra for this experience: 

It is possible to book a guided tour of the old town of Brancaleone for an additional cost of €6.5 per person.

This extra includes pick up from the bergamot production (if required) and a one-hour guided tour.


WHERE: Brancaleone Marina – Reggio Calabria
The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

WHEN: from Monday to Friday

TIME: 9 am – about 1 hour

The experience is offered for up to 35 people. In case of groups, please contact .

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

For special needs or food intolerances please contact

The images are examples of the proposed activity.

The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

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