• LISA

    LISACo-Founder e CEO

    She is convinced that we can all learn from differences and that we shouldn't take life too seriously. Lisa was born in Piedmont, but she feels at home wherever there is genuine hospitality. "She is tireless, as if she has wheels under her feet and makes every day a positive day." With Antonella and ANYWAYS she will give space to these values and even might learn to dance the “Tarantella”.


    ANTONELLACo-Founder and CEO

    In love with the sea and the little joys of life, Antonella is a curious Calabrian. "She can listen to people and infect you with her enthusiasm and optimism." She has been living and working in Germany since 2010 and has decided, together with Lisa, to dedicate herself to ANYWAYS, a project where she can express all her love for her background and her country.


    VALENTINAItalian teacher - Coloumn Responsible

    Born in Ferrara and living in Germany, Valentina has the curiosity of a true traveler inside her. Remaining faithful to her land and origins, she fulfills her greatest desire, trip after trip: to discover the world. Communication expert and Italian language teacher Valentina has made her passion her job. For ANYWAYS, she manages the “ANDIAMO in Italia” section through which she teaches the first steps towards learning the language of the Dolce Vita!


    RICCARDOItalian Teacher

    Positive and enterprising, Riccardo is full of ideas and energies. Born and raised in Umbria and graduated in Languages and International Relations, Riccardo has decided to devote himself to promoting his territory and teaching the Italian language. He is involved in many projects, all with the same common thread: his immense love for the land. In collaboration with ANYWAYS he will accompany you along the history, traditions, beauties of Italy and Italian.



    An all-round artist, Domenico has an extreme sensitivity capable of grasping the essence of details. Free spirit and sincere soul, Domenico is the Calabrian photographer perfect for those who want to discover themselves behind a lens, for those who want to find themselves inside an emotion. For ANYWAYS Domenico will capture some of these emotions and allow us to share them with the world.


    ROSARIOProject Manager

    With infinite patience, diplomacy and savoir faire, Rosario always manages to capture the positive side of things. Thanks to his perseverance and his entrepreneurial spirit, he creates a future without ever giving up. From Calabria, he lives and works in Modena. Between engines, “gnocchi” and “tigelle” he will take care of the Emilian tours for ANYWAYS.


    FRANCESCOItalian cousine Expert

    Francesco is convinced that cooking is not just cooking, but rather experiencing, sharing, living, giving love. He works with ANYWAYS to fascinate people and to share many Italian recipes, region after region, tradition after tradition. 


    CHRISTOPHMarket Analyst

    Positive soul with a great analytical thinking, Christoph supports the team with his strategic ideas and vision of the future. Born in Germany and graduated in History, Christoph contributes every day to the optimization of projects, processes and analysis of the international market, with a focus on the German market.


    MANUELItalian Music Singer & Content Creator

    Born in Sicily and moved to Germany, Manuel has always had a great passion: the music. Equipped with an infectious smile, innate sympathy and a warm voice, Manuel manages to transform everyday life into a sum of small precious moments. Together with ANYWAYS he loves to share the Italian culture and his love for his land through the Italian music. Because the culture of a country is always accompanied by many songs.



    Official ANYWAYS‘ mascot, sometimes clumsy and awkward, sometimes reliable and moody. He feels ANYWAYS‘ adventure with temper and loves travelling, exploring and being cuddled - but only if he is in a good mood.