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  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo
  • Saffron in Abruzzo


Abruzzo means history, nature, culture, traditions and gastronomy. From the coast to the hinterland you can visit national parks, imposing peaks, medieval towns, beaches and castles and try the local cuisine, which alternates between sea and mountains.

Among the typical products, a precious spice of ancient origin with a distinctive aroma and taste is at the top of the list: saffron, the gold of Abruzzo!


Saffron in AbruzzoSaffron is a food that satisfies all of the senses in its entirety. The colour is lively, the smell and taste are intense.

The history of saffron is full of charm. It is already in the texts of the Egyptian papyrus of the 2nd century BC mentioned, and even in the Bible.

Its thousand benefits range from the antioxidant properties, the healing ones of mood disorders to the slowing down of the degenerative Alzheimer’s process and an excellent natural aphrodisiac.

Greek mythology says that a handsome young man named Crocus fell in love with a cute nymph named Smilace, the darling of the god Hermes. To punish him, he turned the young man into a purple bulb with a vermilion heart, the beautiful saffron flower.

The cultivation of this spice spread from Asia to Spain and Italy. It is said that the monk Domenico Santucci from Abruzzo, member of the Holy Inquisition, brought the bulb of this plant with him when he returned from Spain.

Saffron found a very favorable habitat in Abruzzo, so that it has a far superior quality than that grown in other places.


During this experience, which is dedicated to the sense of taste and one of the typical Italian products, you will learn first-hand the secrets about the cultivation and production of this important spice.

In the saffron harvest, which lasts from around October 20th to the first week of November, you can also actively participate in the harvest until the drying phase.
The anyways.experience “The saffron in Abruzzo” is rounded off with a tasting to get to know all facets of the saffron from the field to the plate.

You try different types of saffron, both nationally and internationally, to discover the differences.

Do not miss the opportunity to get to know Abruzzo with one of its most typical products, the gold of Abruzzo!


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The offer includes:

  • Visit to the company with an explanation of the history and properties of saffron
  • Active participation in the harvest until the drying phase: only during the saffron harvest (approx. from October 20th to the first week of November)
  • Small tasting of saffron based desserts with hot herbal tea or fresh saffron drink
  • In case it’s not possible to participat in the harvest: tasting (with ricotta) of different types of saffron

On request it is possible to book a lunch in the agriturismo with saffron based products (

The experience is offered in English. For other languages, please contact

Transportation and transfers not included.


WHERE: Abruzzo – Navelli
The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

WHEN: every day
The participation in the harvest is only possible during the saffron harvest (approx. from October 20th to the first week of November).

TIME: on request – about 2 hours

The experience is offered for up to 25 people. In case of larger groups, please contact .

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

For special needs or food intolerances, please contact

The images are examples of the proposed activity.

The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

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