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  • Escursione dall'Etna al MAre
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Escursione dall'Etna al MAre

Our trekking on Etna is an invitation to immerse yourself in the wild beauty of this giant of stone and fire. We will walk along millenary paths, breathing the rarefied air of high altitudes and admiring breathtaking panoramas that extend to the horizon.

During our journey, you will have the opportunity to explore dormant craters, observing closely the power of the earth in continuous transformation. You will listen to ancient stories that permeate the volcanic soil and feel the heartbeat of this pulsating mountain, a silent witness to centuries of human and natural history.

But it’s not just about adventure and adrenaline: trekking on Etna also offers moments of contemplation and reflection. Here, among the dark rocks and dusty paths, you will find the tranquility and serenity that only untouched nature can offer, an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and with the world around you.


Once we reach 2000m independently, after introductions and an initial briefing on the day’s program, we will start the trekking. Based on what nature allows us (Etna is also a mountain and therefore weather conditions are always extremely variable and difficult to predict) and based on an evaluation of the group’s abilities/desires, we will start our journey where the land has been witness and victim of lateral eruptions.

Here we refer to the area of the famous Silvestri craters, dedicated to the renowned Florentine scientist Orazio Silvestri, the Calcarazzi mountains, the great crater of 1763, and the lava flows from the eruptions of 2001 and 2002: a further journey through time, with over 250 years of history unfolding around us.

After the walk (which is estimated to last about an hour and a half/two hours or even more depending on the group’s conditions and which can vary from 2 to 3 km with a maximum overall elevation gain of 400m), it’s time to stop for a picnic. We will be hosted by the Sapienza refuge, a historic CAI refuge, as well as the best cuisine you can find at 2000m.

After enjoying the natural beauty with sight, touch, and hearing, it’s time to also stimulate taste and smell with a hot arancino and a cold craft beer, produced at the foot of the volcano.

A convivial moment in front of the best arancino you can taste in Catania and province is the best way to conclude an experience that embraces all five senses and that, who knows, may even make you want to come back here once again!

Etna is also a mountain and as such, it must be respected. One should never underestimate the risks that a rugged environment like the mountain can present to us without warning, nor should one ever overestimate one’s abilities. Therefore, the experience is strongly discouraged for people with heart and/or lung problems, people with motor problems and/or joint prostheses, pregnant women, families with babies, and very elderly people. The trekking is of an easy level and “modeled” on the group’s abilities, however, some sections could still be tiring and not particularly easy for some.

Join us on this extraordinary adventure, where every step is a journey into the wild heart of Etna and every breath is an opportunity to embrace the magnificence of this unique place in the world.

What are you waiting for? Book the Anyways Experience “Trekking on Etna” now and live unforgettable moments with Danilo!


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The offer includes:

  • Trekking with an experienced guide
  • Tasting of typical products

The experience is offered in English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. For other languages, please contact

Transportation and transfers not included.

Important: the experience is for entertainment purposes only and does not represent a professional course.


WHERE: Sicily – Catania
The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

WHEN: on request

The experience is offered for up to 10 people.

For special needs or food intolerances, please contact

The images are examples of the proposed activity.

The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

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