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  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini
  • Trova le tue origini

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    Over the centuries, many Calabrians have emigrated. They left their country searching for something else. Sometimes they were hoping for a better future and a safer job, sometimes they wanted to see the world and make new experiences.

    Whatever the reason, they decided to travel by ship to America, to head for foreign destinations by train, or to seek new luck by car.

    Some of them probably returned home after a few years abroad. Many others made their destination as their new home.

    They founded a family and started a new life. New generations of Calabrians, with children, grandchildren, brothers and cousins ​​grew up far from Calabria and maybe even outside of Italy.

    However, through affection and love for their origins, they kept talking about their land, the place they grew up in, the traditions, the cuisine, the habits that accompanied them and the smiles they preserved in their hearts.

    With melancholy they told their children and grandchildren anecdotes and stories of their village.

    If you are one of these grandchildren and would like to give these stories shape and color, if you want to see the places that have accompanied the history of your family, contact us!

    Francesco, our contact person in Calabria, helps you with his sensitivity and passion in finding the origin of your family.

    Starting with all information you have, he will help you to complete the puzzle and reconstruct your family tree.

    As soon as the missing pieces are found, he will accompany you along the country roads, frames of your memories and will be happy to share with you the strong emotion of finding yourself.


    The offer includes:

    • Genealogical research – about 4h
    • Language support with the various institutions in Calabria

    The experience is offered in English. For other languages please contact

    Transportation and transfers not included.


    WHERE: Calabria
    The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

    WHEN: on request

    TIME: on request – about 4 hours

    The experience does not have any minimum number of participants.
    It should normally be booked at least a week before.

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