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BRR, CHE FREDDO!! It’s freezing cold!

antonella 1. February 2021 Tags: , , , ANDIAMO No comments

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English Translation:
“Brr che freddo (it’s cold).
This is what we say when it’s “freddo cane” (freezing cold, litterally translated in dog-cold). The cold can also be a “thief-cold”.
But also a person can be “fredda come il ghiaccio” (cold as ice), when for example he/she communicates bad news to us “a freddo” (in cold bood, unemotionally), making us “sciogliere come neve al sole” (melt like snow in the sun) and why not, even making us “sudare freddo” (be in a cold sweat).
So cover up for today, because brrr “fa un freddo cane” (it’s freezing cold).

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