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English Translation:

“Do you feel it, too? There is Xmas in the air.
Today, we will discover together the 5 Italian Christmas traditions.
5 just like the 5 senses of ANYWAYS EXPERIENCES.

1) In Italy, the Christmas tree is made on December 8th and is removed on January 6th, the day of the Befana. Who is the befana? We will find it out shortly.
2) Panettone or Pandoro`The choice is difficult.
This is in fact the dilemma that all Italians have every Christmas.
3) Do you want a lot of money? Then eat lentils! They bring abundance and money in the new year.
4) There is one more thing that brings good luck: wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve.
5) Finally she, our Befana, the old lady who on January 6th at night bring socks full of sweets for all the children.
And you? What do you prefer? Panettone or Pandoro?
I prefer the pandoro!”


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