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Silvia just had to go to her grandparents and select six of the most beautiful lemons from their tree in the garden. We just have the choice where we will get them … we suggest a great holiday in Italy.
But then the preparation is like a walk, even if a quite long one. After about 2 months you will finally finish your dinners with friends tasting “your limoncello“.
Important, very aromatic lemons and quality alcohol … then what a taste!!!

6/8 lemons unhandled depending on the size
1 bottle of alcohol 95 degrees
500 g sugar
1 liter water

Peel the lemon, only the yellow part.

Put the lemon zest in a bowl with closure and add the alcohol.

Let rest in a protected place for at least a month.

Then remove the lemon zest from the alcohol.

Pour through a dish towel the alcohol in a bowl.
(in the photo you see two bowls, as Silvia was also preparing the limoncello cream)

Let the water boil with the sugar.

Let this syrup cool down and add it, also through a dish towel, to the lemon alcohol.

Pour it in bottles and store for at least one month in the refrigerator or freezer.



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