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    tartudo torresina cuneo langhe

    If you plan to visit the Alta Langa (Upper Langa), get ready to immerse yourself in forests that smell of hazelnuts, truffles, but also of sea, wine, lavender and medicinal plants.

    Here you will find villages that are little jewels and although they are much less famous than villages like Neive, Barbaresco and Monforte, you will not regret the “climb”.

    We are in Torresina, immersed in the green, that will frame our experience.

    This is the Alta Langa and to discover it we go in search of its treasures.


    During this tour, far from the city and in the middle of the forest, you can be in contact with everything that surrounds us: nature, trees, animals.

    Mario was born here into a farming family. “My grandfather started looking for truffles in the mid-1950s. At the time they all thought he was crazy. They said he was looking for “potatoes” in the woods.”
    Today it is Mario who goes into the forest with Rocky or Balù, the dogs that he trained himself. “The training starts when the dogs are 2-3 months old, with hiding pieces of cheese.”
    There is one rule that Mario is particularly fond of: “a happy dog ​​works better”. And his dogs look really happy.
    Mario tells us that initially it was not his wish to become a farmer. Hard to believe, but back then he didn’t like to get his hands dirty. “But then I came back and I’m very happy with the choice I made.”

    Today Mario shares his passion and makes his experience available to those who, like you, want to discover and learn the secrets of truffle hunting.


    To make your stay even more interesting, you can add countless nature and history activities to this experience.
    For example excursions over 10 km of marked paths that will take you to the famous villages of Paroldo or Sale.
    Or leisurely tours by horse or mountain bike.
    Or overnight stays in Mario’s boat, his “boat in the forest”:
    “It all comes from a Piedmontese proverb that describes someone who is out of place, like a boat in the forest.
    “SenTise cume na nav ant n bòsch” (to feel like a ship in the forest).
    For my grandfather I was a “ship in the forest” and at some point I decided to build this boat in the forest. Maybe that was a way to find my place in the world.
    Before arriving here, this outboard traveled the entire Mediterranean for around 10 years: Sicily, Sardinia, the Côte d’Azur …
    Here I gave him a new life. A spontaneous decision, from the heart.
    Now it is surrounded by greenery, with a view of the mountains, in the midst of about fifty different types of plants. When everything is in bloom, it’s really beautiful: first the almonds, then the peaches and apples, up to the mulberry tree and the green of the oaks. Yes, it’s really nice.”

    This experience is characterized above all by the sincere and simple hospitality of a young truffle hunter who will show you the treasures of his Alta Langa.

    Contact us for more information about his ANYWAYS EXPERIENCE: TRUFFLE HUNTING IN TORRESINA, CUNEO (LANGHE)


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    The offer includes:

    • Facts and figures on:
      history and search for truffles
      dogs training
      variety of truffles
    • Truffle hunting with dogs and truffle hunter

    On request it is possible to organize:
    excursions (to Paroldo, Sale),
    horseback riding or mountain biking,
    overnight stay in Mario’s ship.

    The experience is offered in English. For other languages, please contact

    Transportation and transfers not included.

    Important: the experience is for entertainment purposes only and does not represent a professional course. The certificate is a reminder of participation and can not in any way replace an official certification.


    WHERE: Piedmont – Torresina (Cuneo)

    WHEN: on request from 21st Sep until 21st Dec

    TIME: on request

    The experience is offered for up to 10 people.

    Comfortable clothing is recommended.

    For special needs or food intolerances, please contact

    The images are examples of the proposed activity.

    The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.