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    handmade soap

    There are customs that have united cultures and countries over the centuries.

    These are practices often linked to the exploitation of local products, which can also be found elsewhere in the world with similar climatic and environmental conditions.
    Or maybe practices that are supposed to satisfy the most common everyday needs.

    The tradition of soap making, fulfills both requirements and can look back on a thousand year history, in which different cultures are involved.

    Since ancient times, various peoples have tried to cleanse and heal the body by sourcing valuable ingredients from nature.

    At that time, making your own soap using simple and natural ingredients was the only way to own soap. Ingredients like residual oil and soda.


    handmade soap

    This experience is a homage:

    -especially to the sense of touch and the ability of humans to create, mix, manufacture and invent with their hands;

    -to ancient traditions, especially those that have remained intact throughout history;

    -to natural and simple products, real ingredients for the most valuable things.

    During this workshop in Lunamatrona (Province of Cagliari, Sardinia) you will learn the techniques of homemade soap making, based on how they were made traditionally.
    At the end you will get your own soap. A great souvenir, isn’t it?

    Aromatic herbs, fruits and essential oils are the ingredients that you use to make your soap. These are local products that characterize the Lunamatrona area and give you the opportunity to get to know Sardinia.

    Be the protagonist. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the history of a culture by reliving their ancient traditions. Our anyways.experience: HANDMADE SOAP IN LUNAMATRONA


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    The offer includes:

    • theoretical introduction
    • workshop – handmade soap using aromatic herbs, fruit and essential oils that characterize the Lunamatrona area
    • material and necessary equipment
    • small tasting of local products

    The experience is offered in Italian. For other languages, please contact welcome@any-ways.com.

    Transportation and transfers not included.


    WHERE: Sardinia – Lunamatrona
    The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

    WHEN: on request

    TIME: on request

    The experience is offered for up to 15 people.

    Comfortable clothing is recommended.

    For special needs or food intolerances, please contact welcome@any-ways.com.

    The images are examples of the proposed activity.

    The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

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