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  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread
  • Carasau Bread


Sardinia’s gastronomic tradition consists of rustic aromas and flavours. It is therefore inevitable that a simple specialty such as the Pane Carasau (Carasau bread) plays such an outstanding role.

Carasau bread is the crispy soul of Sardinia. It is a real delicacy on the island, coming from the Barbagia area.

It is not only one of the best known and most popular specialties of the local cuisine, but above all it represents an authentic regional cultural heritage, thanks to its history and the preparation process, which is a real family ritual.


Carasau BreadThe history of Carasau bread goes way back.

Studies suggest that a similar recipe was already made in the Bronze Age.

Over time, Carasau bread became an important resource for the livelihood of families who also used it as an exchange product, e.g. for oil and ricotta.

Its preparation is a real ritual called “sa cotta” or “sa hotta” and is based on a very precise sequence of different steps.

The Carasau bread is the shepherd‘s bread. When looking after their herds, they were far away from home for a long time. Therefore, they needed non-perishable food.
It could also be used as a “plate” and consumed at the end of the meal.

The ritual of preparing Carasau bread required the presence of at least three women: friends, neighbors or relatives because of the necessary strength and energy.

The name is probably derived from the verb “carasare”, which means “toasting” and refers to the last phase of the preparation cycle.
It is also known as “paper music” for the sound it makes when it “crackles” in your mouth.


This experience pays homage to the sense of taste and one of the richest gastronomic specialties in Sardinia.

In the family bakery, winner of the Sardinia Food Awards in the bread category, Carasau bread is prepared daily according to traditional Sardinian recipes and with high-quality Sardinian flour. Here, you will discover first-hand the Carasau bread production process and its history.

Experience with us Sardinia and its traditions.


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The offer includes:

  • Explanation of the history and traditions of the Barbagia area
  • Practical demonstration on how to prepare carasau bread
  • Small tasting

The experience is offered in English. For other languages, please contact

Transportation and transfers not included.


WHERE: Sardinia – Ovodda
The meeting point will be confirmed at the time of booking.

WHEN: on request

TIME: on request

The experience is offered for up to 15 people. In case of groups, please contact .

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

For special needs or food intolerances, please contact

The images are examples of the proposed activity.

The tour should normally be booked at least a week in advance.

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