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Giacomo always had two goals in life:

  • make people smile
  • bring people the true taste of Sicily directly at home

He achieved the first goal with his funny and positive mood and the second one thanks to the collaboration with the best Sicilian pastry shops.

By selecting only high quality products with unique taste, he came up with these great do-it-yourself KITs in order to let you create delicious Sicilian pistachio masterpieces.

You will share fun moments and the true Sicilian feeling with friends and family comfortably at home. Do not miss it!




Pistacho aus BronteWith their sweet and salty taste and the crunchy texture, pistachios are undoubtedly one of the most popular nuts.

Originally from the Middle East, the pistachio came to the Italian coasts through cultural and commercial exchange with the countries of the Mediterranean region. Once in Sicily, the pistachio decided never to leave, as it founded here the perfect soil.

The Sicilian pistachio is a guarantee of quality and Giacomo has done his best with these KITs to let you create the most popular Sicilian pastries at home as if you were in an Italian pastry shop.


KIT CANNOLI FROM SICILYAre you ready to make il tuo cannolo siciliano al pistacchio – your Sicilian Cannolo with pistachio?
Open your KIT containing:

  • 1 piping bag with pistachio cream filling
  • 1 packet of chopped pistachios
  • 1 packet of chopped almonds
  • 8 large, crispy hand-made dough rolls

and let’s start!

Price KIT CANNOLI FROM SICILY: 28,90 EUR/Kit (+ shipping costs)

cannoli from Sicily cannoli from Sicily
* Pistachio cream: 30% peeled pistachios, sugar, pistachio grains, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats
Made in a laboratory that uses nuts.
* Dough rolls: wheat flour type 00, water, wheat flour type 0, Manitoba, wine, granulated sugar, lard, sea salt, cocoa powder, egg white. Flavors (cinnamon, vanillin).
Allergens: gluten, nuts, milk, soy, sesame.
* Chopped almonds: 100% almonds
* Chopped pistachio: 100% pistachio



Brioches with Pistachio

With this KIT you receive the famous and original brioche col tuppo siciliana – Sicilian brioche with tuppo!
The unique and incomparable pastry from Sicily! So soft and fragrant filled in with pistachio and ricotta cream.
Prepare your Sicilian Brioche with Tuppo comfortably at home with this diy-kit:

• 6x brioches (80g each)
• 1x piping bag with Bufalina ricotta cream, sweet, 500 g
• 1x piping bag with pistachio cream, 300g
• 1x chopped pistachios, 30g

The brioches are individually wrapped to keep their freshness.

Tip: warm up slightly before consumption. Plenty of cream and chopped pistachios for maximum enjoyment.

Price KIT BRIOCHES WITH TUPPO FROM SICILY = 36,90 EUR/Kit (+ shipping costs)

* Brioches: soft wheat flour type 00, sugar, margarine, eggs, lard, invert sugar syrup, honey, dextrose, milk powder, sorbitol, brewer’s yeast, emulsifier E471, sunflower oil, salt, anti-caking agent: E170, flour treatment active ingredient: E300, enzymes, flavors, preservative: alcohol .
* Ricotta: Buffalo ricotta (buffalo milk whey, buffalo milk) * sugar.
Made in a laboratory that uses other types of milk (buffalo, cow, sheep, goat) and nuts.
THICKENING AGENT: rice starch. PRESERVATIVE: Potassium Sorbate <1gr / kg.
Origin: ITALY (IT E7U1W CE)
* Pistachio cream: 30% peeled pistachios, sugar, unhydrogenated vegetable oils and fats (soy, rape, sunflower and corn in variable portions, fats (palm), skimmed milk powder, whey powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavor (vanillin). It can contain traces of others Contains nuts, flours with gluten and eggs
* Chopped pistachios: 100% pistachios (ingredients are considered allergens). It may contain traces of other nuts, flours with gluten, milk, eggs and soy.


All ANYWAYS.BOTTEGA products are linked to local production and artisans.
Availability may vary at different stages of the year.

Discover our experiences related to the products and crafts typical of the Sicily region.


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