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Marco has a genuine and personable smile.

He reminds us that the inhabitants of this area, Viola Castello (Piedmont), call themselves “montagnin“:
tenacious, who face challenges with stubbornness and passion.
Just like Marco, who welcomes every challenge as an opportunity.

The fruit of his labor tells the peculiarities of his region where the chestnuts are king.

Viola Castello does indeed offer an astonishing variety of acres of chestnut groves.
The atmosphere is unique, very charming and in perfect balance between worldly nature and human work.
By Marco we find the Garessina chestnut, sweet, tender and, according to many experts, the best dry chestnut ever.

It is between these forests that Marco has found his passion and takes care of the processing of the Garessina chestnut following the old tradition: harvest, selection, drying and transformation.

If you are a chestnut and mountain lover, visit Piedmont and have a walk with Marco between the chestnut grove.

Can’t you visit Piedmont in the near future? Then get a piece of this region to your home!


Chestnut leaves are rich in active ingredients: tannins (astringent effect), resins (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effects) and mineral salts (especially phosphorus and magnesium).Chestnuts from Piedmont

In spring Marco collects an extract that forms the basis of this cosmetic line for shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.

If you are interested in cosmetics and natural products, have alook at our cosmetic chestnut package:

  • Remineralizing Shampoo – 250ml
    with chestnut extract, collagen polypeptides and essential oil from white thyme.
    Suitable for damaged and dull hair. It makes hair shiny and clean, and thanks to its wealth of microelements, it restores its shape.
  • Restructuring Conditioner – 200ml
    with chestnut extract, shea butter and essential oil from white thyme.
    Suitable after washing, it perfects the effect of the shampoo by making the hair easier to comb and making it radiant.
  • Hair Mask – 100ml
    with chestnut extract, shea butter and essential oil from white thyme.
    Use weekly after washing (leave on for 5 to 10 minutes) to thoroughly restructure hair, restore elasticity and tone, and protect hair from bleaching, dyes and environmental pollution.


Price: 32 EUR (+ shipping costs)

All ANYWAYS.BOTTEGA products are linked to local production and artisans.
Availability may vary at different stages of the year.


Discover our experiences in Piedmont – the chestnuts of Viola Castello.
Discover further experiences related to the products and crafts typical of the Piedmont region.
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