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Small knot, or maybe simple, double, Windsor, etc. There are more than 80 ways to tie them!
A tie has always been an accessory that says a lot about the personality and expression of the person who wears it.

Already used in burial rites in the time of the ancient Egyptians (cloth flaps were knotted around the neck of the deceased), it was spread by the Croatian military at the beginning of the 17th century.
With King Louis XIV, the Sun King, this accessory finally became what we know it today: a symbol of male elegance.

This knitted tie in particular tells the story of a person who knows how to appreciate and choose craftsmanship, who knows how to recognize high quality and unique products.


Knitted tie, made of pure silk, dyed, 6,5 cm. wide

Price: 139 EUR (+ shipping costs)



This product tells about three young people from Calabria – Miriam, Giovanna and Domenico.
They decided to revive one of the most beautiful traditions of this territory: growing mulberry trees, raising silkworms and weaving precious yarns.
In ancient times in Catanzaro, Calabria, these activities were extremely common.

It’s the story of going back to basics, in a sustainable and real environment.

  • Miriam

  • Giovanna

  • Domenico

Miriam has a great love for nature. Giovanna, with her sincere smile, loves art and simplicity. Domenico grew up raising silkworms.

Together they decided to use the resources of their land and revived the old production chain of mulberry and silk cultivation.
Their daily work contributes to the growth of the territory and its sustainable development, while protecting environment and landscape.

Here in the heart of Magna Graecia we still find unspoilt places where nature reigns.
1.5 hectares of land belong to the breeding of silkworms, along with relics of silk history and ancient looms.

If you are in Calabria, this is your chance to see their work and caterpillar first hand and to attend a workshop on cocoons and looms.

Can’t you visit Calabria in the near future?
Then let yourself be inspired by their passion and creativity right at your home!
Schenke Dir oder einem geliebten Menschen ein Symbol dieses Landes.
Diese Krawatte ist eine originelle und bedeutungsvolle Idee.


All ANYWAYS.BOTTEGA products are linked to local production and artisans.
Availability may vary at different stages of the year.


Discover the experience dedicated to silk in Calabria, linked to the oldest silk production tradition in Europe.
Discover other experiences related to the products and crafts typical of the Calabria region.
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