🌟 Are you ready for your vacation in Italy and looking for a way to treasure all the moments you’ll experience?

🌟 Are you searching for an original gift for someone planning a trip to Italy?

📖 Between the pages of this journal, you’ll find the answers to these questions: “Il mio Diario di Viaggio” (my Travel Journal).
It is the perfect journal to keep with you the moments and emotions you don’t want to forget.

🔍This Travel Journal offers you:

🪧 Your itinerary: pages dedicated to your travel routes, so you won’t forget any place you’ve visited. Great as a reminder to organize your photos and for sharing your travel stories.

🔖 Your space: not just routes but also tickets, city maps, the packing list! A journey is accompanied by many small things that you’ll have the opportunity to keep with you in the dedicated space.

📝 Your thoughts: a journey is not only what you do but also what you feel. Among the pages of this journal, you’ll find pages for your notes, thoughts, and reflections.


📸 Your photos: they should not be missing on any trip. That’s why this diary offers you many pages for your smiles, the landscapes and all the moments you want to remember and share.

🍝 Your recipes: visiting a place also means trying typical dishes and visiting local restaurants. Write down the recipes of the local dishes in the dedicated sections. It’s lovely to capture these details during the trip when the flavors and scents are livelier than ever.

🏞️“What a beautiful trip!”: how about some “Italian” tips to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest? Let’s find them out in the diary.



📚Practical and pocket-sized: the journal’s dimensions are suitable for carrying it with you at all times.

📕Hardcover or flexible: choose the cover that best suits your needs. Both have a matte finish.

🌟With “La mia Dolce Vita” you’ll hold a piece of your Italy in your hands. It will become an album of memories to browse through whenever you wish to relive your journey.

And it doesn’t end here! With the purchase of the journal, you’ll receive additional content, for free!

  • A Survival Kit: information, tips, and vocabulary to survive in Italy.#! (in PDF format)
  • A Cookbook: a journey through the 20 Italian regions through regional cuisine. (in PDF format)
  • Our Dolce Vita – To Go Magazin: to get a piece of Dolce Vita every month, issue after issue.

What are you waiting for?

🎁Perfect for you or as a gift idea for those who love the sweet life and the beautiful country. 

🛒Buy today the “Il mio Diario di Viaggio” Travel Journal to have it on hand when it’s time to pack your bags.


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