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The wedding season has already begun and are your friends preparing for the magical “I do”?
Have you asked them what they have planned for their honeymoon?
In Italy, we call it “luna di miele” (luna = moon / miele = honey).

Where does this expression come from?

The origins of the term “luna di miele” go back a long way.
According to a Nordic legend, newlyweds had to drink mead (also known as honey wine) to ensure a happy and fruitful marriage.
Every day! For a whole month! That’s 28 days!
That’s why the words “luna di miele” were chosen. They best represent this time of sweetness and happiness.

But how did this expression come to Italy?

In the Middle Ages, there were regular contacts between European peoples. Many customs and terms spread to our country in this way.
In addition:

    • “Il miele” (honey), always a symbol of sweetness and abundance, was already present in Italian traditions as a precious ingredient.
    • From ancient Roman beliefs to folk customs, “la luna” (the moon) has always been seen as a symbol of change and rebirth, perfect for representing the beginning of a new life together.

Thus, the term “luna di miele” (honeymoon) entered our language, combining the Nordic influence of mead with our tradition of associating honey with sweetness and the moon with life cycles.

Original Wedding Gifts “Made in Italy”

Before the “luna di miele” comes the wedding. And with it, the big question: “What on earth do I give as a gift?”

Finding the perfect gift for the couple can be really tricky. A wedding is a special day, so you always want to give something special – something meaningful that will leave the newlyweds with an unforgettable memory.

Why should the perfect gift just be an object? How about something filled with emotions and Dolce Vita? Sounds good, right?

Welcome to the world of “Made in Italy” wedding gifts

Here, emotions turn into precious memories and experiences into stories you’ll love to tell again and again.
Today, we have three great suggestions for you:




of a Tree and Italian Specialties
Gifting an adoption means giving the newlyweds something that not only celebrates their love but also grows and flourishes with them: a living symbol of their unity.

Each adopted tree is a lasting connection to a special place for Italy enthusiasts, strengthening the bond with the traditions and culture of that place.
Imagine an olive tree growing in a picturesque Italian landscape or a pistachio tree at the foot of Mount Etna.

The newly married couple can visit the tree, see how it grows strong and robust—just like their love—and bring the products of their adoption home to their love nest.



Workshops and Courses
Imagine the newlyweds learning to make fresh pasta, paint traditional ceramics, or taste wines like real sommeliers. These experiences not only bring them closer together but also give them new skills and passions. What could be better?

Choose a specific experience or give a gift voucher and let the newlyweds choose based on their favorite region or preferences.



esperienze Italia



Organize a unique event for the newlyweds, or even better – let us handle it!

Choose one of our tours as a base and let your imagination run wild!



Finding an original wedding gift has never been easier!

What do you think? These are more than just objects. They are emotions, memories, Dolce Vita.
You accompany the newlyweds on a journey full of discoveries and surprises.

We hope we could inspire you with these ideas!
We look forward to helping you make your friends’ wedding extra special with a touch of Italian style.

Reserve your original “Made in Italy” gift for your friends’ wedding now!

Con affetto!


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