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lisa 2. March 2021 Tags: , , , , , , , , , CURIOSITIES No comments
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Do you remember the “5 curiosities about Italy” in our first article?

  1. In Italy we find the only 3 volcanoes in all of Europe;
  2. the shortest river in the world is in the province of Verona;
  3. the name “Italy” comes from Calabria;
  4. the Republic of Venice is the one that lasted the longest and
  5. cats in Rome have special rights.

Now it goes on! The 20 regions in Italy still offer many curiosities and anecdotes.

As you already know, the number 5 is a special symbol for us.
It is the number of the 5 senses, the basis of our philosophy and our experiences at Bel Paese.

Now let’s discover 5 more curiosities about Italy together! Read More