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The art of silk experienced great splendor in Calabria.

In Catanzaro, the cultivation of mulberry trees, the breeding of silkworms and the weaving of precious yarns were extremely widespread in ancient times.

Thanks to the passion and commitment of three young Calabrians, this wonderful old tradition has been brought back to life.

  • Miriam

  • Giovanna

  • Domenico

Miriam has a great love for nature. Giovanna, with her sincere smile, loves art and simplicity. Domenico grew up raising silkworms.

Together they decided to use the resources of their land and revived the old production chain of mulberry and silk cultivation.
Their daily work contributes to the growth of the territory and its sustainable development, while protecting environment and landscape.

Here in the heart of Magna Graecia we still find unspoilt places where nature reigns.
1.5 hectares of land belong to the breeding of silkworms, along with relics of silk history and ancient looms.

If you are in Calabria, this is your chance to see their work and caterpillar first hand and to attend a workshop on cocoons and looms.

Can’t you visit Calabria in the near future?
Then let yourself be inspired by their passion and creativity right at your home!

The package contains:

adozione base

    • 2 extra mulberry jam*
    • 1 extra mulberry & bergamot jam*
    • 2 herbal tea made from mulberry leaves** and medicinal herbs
    • 1 soap with sericin

* 75% fruit, brown sugar, lemon juice and fruit pectin.
It is ideal for breakfast and for making cakes, but also goes perfectly with dairy products.
** Healing, hypoglycemic, cleansing properties combined with the anti-inflammatory and digestive effects of medicinal herbs.



Mulberry Jam

Silk is a natural material, obtained from the cocoon of a caterpillar, the silkworm.
It only produces the thread when it is first abundantly nourished with the leaves of a graceful and useful little tree: the mulberry tree.
There are two types of mulberry, black and white.
The differences are not only for taste and colour, but also for the presence of some substances with powerful antioxidant properties.

Among these the most important are anthocyanins, pigments belonging to flavonoids group (responsible for the black-violet colour of black mulberry) and resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, also present in grapes and red wine, with cardioprotective and antitumor properties. A substance that, according to some research, could extend human life.

The extra mulberry jam is reminiscent of Calabria, of ancient times, as well as healthy and natural ingredients:
75% fruit, brown sugar, lemon juice and fruit pectin.
Tradition and research enliven an extremely rare and delicious product. It is ideal for breakfast and for making cakes, but aldo goes perfectly with dairy products.


Bergamot is the prince of citrus fruits. With its extraordinary beneficial virtues, it is known and appreciated all over the world. Its cultivation is strictly limited to the district of Reggio Calabria, in Calabria. In this narrow strip of land on the Calabrian Ionian coast 90% of the world production of Bergamot is grown.

Discover here the experience dedicated to Bergamot in Calabria.


All ANYWAYS.BOTTEGA products are linked to local production and artisans.
Availability may vary at different stages of the year.

Discover the experience dedicated to silk in Calabria, linked to the oldest silk production tradition in Europe.
Discover other experiences related to the products and crafts typical of the Calabria region.
Discover the experience dedicated to Bergamot in Calabria, to discover the main citrus fruit of Calabria.


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