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We asked 100 people to share a story about Italy. Something that struck them, intrigued them, or left them amazed. This book was born from a simple idea: to collect the stories of 100 Italians about the places they come from or those they discovered during their travels.

And the 101st? That’s from Leo! Our clumsy owl, our mascot, our travel and adventure companion.

101 CuriositĂ ” is a mosaic of stories, traditions, secrets, and wonders that only those who live and love these places can share. It’s not just a collection of curious information; it’s a journey through the soul of Italy, seen through the eyes of those born there. It’s an invitation to travel with your mind and heart.

What will you find in this book?

101 curiositĂ 

  • ‌Authenticity: 100 unique and authentic stories, true tales told by real people who want to share their piece of Italy.
  • Traditions and Secrets: Discover the most fascinating traditions and curious stories of the Bel Paese.
  • Virtual Journey: A cultural journey that will let you know Italy like never before, region by region, curiosity by curiosity.
  • For Everyone: Ideal for travelers, culture enthusiasts, and the curious of all ages. Leo is already in flight.

Let’s go! Let’s discover Italy together, one curiosity at a time.

Happy reading and happy travels!

And it doesn’t end here!
With the purchase of the diary, you will receive additional content for free!

      • The “La Dolce Vita” travel diary: to preserve the moments of your trip. (in PDF)
      • A Survival Kit: with information, tips, and vocabulary to “survive” in Italy. (in PDF)
      • A Cookbook: a journey through the 20 Italian regions with typical regional cuisine. (in PDF)
      • Our Dolce Vita – To Go Magazine: to live your dolce vita with us, every month, one edition at a time. (in PDF)

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🛒Buy today the ITALIAN EDITION: paperback
🛒Buy today the ITALIAN EDITION: hardcover

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