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Life is made of little happy moments, similar to tiny flowers. It is not just made of big things, like study, love, weddings, funerals. Everyday little things happen, so much that you are not able to keep them in mind or count them, and between them little grains of happiness, barely detectable, are hiding, happiness that the soul breaths and thank to it, it’s able to leave with.
(Banana Yoshimoto)

It is very common that at the end of summer holidays many people get a sense of depression, of emptiness with a general decline in well-being and work productivity.

To go back to the usual daily routine between work, school and everyday duties is anything but simple, often a source of anxiety.
It seems like the holidays we have been waiting for months vanished in an instant.

When this aspect is very marked, there is probably an excessive idealization. The lifestyle on vacation is considered the ideal one with a consequent sense of dissatisfaction.

A typical attitude of those who are unable to enjoy the small things of everyday life, seemingly insignificant. They are always on the run-up to grandiose but not authentic experiences, as if these were the only ones to have value.

A search for anything sensational, for a life on a roller coaster. This threatens to invalidate the exceptional in everyday life.

Beautiful holiday experiences are only flashes in the course of life and do not characterize life and its true essence.


THE EVERYDAY SMALL THINGSappreciate everyday life

Waking up in the morning with your partner aside, the smell of fresh made coffee …

Life is mainly made up of small things. To see and recognize them can make us really happy and able to keep us excited and inspired.
The writer Francesco Piccolo defined them “moments of negligible happiness” and emphasises the importance of learning how to grasp, appreciate and value them.

The secret to feeling good

Dwell on everything that surrounds us, sharpen the senses and grasp the extraordinary that embodies the ordinary.
Because this is the way we can fully and truly benefit from existence.

From the column “Step-by-Step Wellbeing” by Anna Mena Cugliari, Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

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