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Travelling is walking toward the horizon, meeting the other, knowing, discovering and getting richer than when the walk started.
(Luis Sepúlveda)


Travelling is good! Which of you has never heard it?

Each journey has a different value for each of us and it is based on our own life experiences and on the specific moment we are living.

However, it is now known that travelling has beneficial effects for the person.

But in addition to reducing the stress associated with daily activities, by moving, going elsewhere, in a new, foreign place, that differs from what we experienced so far, what kind of experience can we do?

The new impulses that we get from another environment will test us, determine new reactions and consequently new inner discoveries and life perspectives.


Changing places allows us to discover outside and inside ourselves, to improve our perception and become aware of new aspects of our being, that we never experienced so far as we did not have any chance to.

It is in this way that abilities and own resources come to light and this subsequently makes it possible to face daily difficulties in a more positive and functional way.



We are the experiences we make and the places we visit!

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