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The main mission of ANYWAYS is to rediscover the beauty and the value of little things, starting from what we always have with us – our fingertips – and that sometimes we take for granted: our 5 senses.

This is the frame for the collaboration between ANYWAYS, platform online of experiences and the psychologist and psychotherapist Anna Mena Cugliari.
The column “Step-by-Step Wellbeing”, is a dedicated space through which Dr. Anna Mena Cugliari will write different posts related to the discovery of oneself and to what surrounds us.


Anna Mena Cugliari, from Calabria and resident in Rome, loves the smell of coffee in the morning and the sound of the sea. She is a reader, a traveller, plays piano and loves nature, music and cinema.

Her strength is tenacity, her Achilles heel is love. She quotes Freud to underline it: “We are never as defenseless as in the moment in which we are in love”.

She considers Frida Kahlo “a fabulous example of how one person can transform suffering into beauty “, the songs that accompanies her life are ‘Vasco Rossi’s’ and tastes the whole Mediterranean cousine, especially pizza.

Her favorite book is ‘A men‘ by Oriana Fallaci, she is fond of Nietzsche and has a personal motto that reveals her incredible energy: “True strength resides in accepting the own fragility”.

Through this column, she will help us to understand which tools we have in our possession to face the daily difficulties and how to give the right value to the things that fill our lives every day.



What motivated you to join the ANYWAYS team?
“ANYWAYS offers a perspective of personal growth, of discovery and rediscovering oneself through concrete experience and above all ‘with the other ‘, embracing and reflecting my values ​​of the importance of relationships and the social network in general for individual well-being.

A journey to discover new places, places, smells, colours that at the same time it becomes a path of inner discovery.

New experiences, new inputs allow us to experience a different way of being in contact with oursekves and with the surrounding world, discovering parts unknown or never experienced.

Too often we tend to limit our experiences in one area known and reassuring, (we attend the same people, we do the same things) only because being ‘the known’ family makes us feel sure, remaining where everything is always the same and not giving us any possibility of making new experiences that, as such, frighten.

(click here for the overview of the experiences)

Only by daring and going beyond everything that makes us feel safe, we have the chance to experience and discover new parts of ourselves until then remained in shadow.

Getting in touch with our emotional world, with those, until now, hidden parts of ourselves, it is possible to feel vitality, one’s authentic self and therefore well-being.

It is in this context of promotion and easement of self-discovery and of psychological well-being in general, that my collaboration with  ANYWAYS project takes place, with the purpose and hope of making this journey even more interesting and full of reflections on psychological topics.”

E’ in quest’ottica di promozione e facilitazione della scoperta di sè e del benessere psicologico in generale, che s’inserisce il mio intervento all’interno del progetto ANYWAYS, con la speranza di poter contribuire a rendere questo viaggio ancora più interessante e ricco di riflessioni su tematiche psicologiche>>.

In the next article we will get to know her better and we will find out more about her history of journey, love and passion she has for her work.



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